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We manufacture, refine and supply raw materials and ingredients
for the food, drug and personal care industries.

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Avatar Corporation Celebrates 35th Anniversary
Avatar Corporation Member of AOCS
Avatar is Committed to Performance Improvement
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  AcidulantsAllergen/Soy Lecithin-Free Release AgentsAntioxidantsBread Pan OilsChain OilsDivider OilsFatty AlcoholsGuanidine CarbonateLecithinsMedium-Chain EstersMedium-Chain TriglyceridesMineral JelliesMono-/diglyceridesOils, VegetableOrganic-Certified ProductsPan GreasesParaffin WaxesPetrolatumsPolyolsPreservativesRelease Agents, ConfectionerySorbitan DerivativesSpecialty Release AgentsSurfactantsSweetenersTrough GreasesWhite Mineral Oil

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