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Avatar Introduces Allergen Free Release Agents
University Park, IL, June 15, 2007. . . Avatar Corporation announces the availability of allergen/soy lecithin-free release agents for the baking industry. Major food allergens and derivatives containing the protein from these allergens must be labeled on food packages. Soy lecithin, which contains trace amounts of soy proteins and is commonly used as a release agent in baked goods, must be declared as an allergen.

ProKote™ non-allergenic release agents have been shown to outperform soy lecithin-based products. They also demonstrate excellent heat stability and therefore color integrity of baked goods.

For more information about allergen/soy lecithin-free release agents, contact Avatar at 1-800-255-3181 or visit the Avatar website at www.avatarcorp.com.

About Avatar Corporation: Founded in 1982 the company manufactures and markets raw materials and ingredients for the food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. Avatar employs strict manufacturing practices.. Avatar’s strict manufacturing practices include maintenance of a permanent U.S. FDA drug registration number and conformance with NOP for Certified-Organic products and Kosher requirements for OK Kosher-Certified products Michael L. Shamie, President and CEO states, “The Company is on target to be the leader in specialty release agents and lubricants for the food and drug industries. Our accomplishments and efforts are recognized and supported by a growing number of the finest companies in the food, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries. We recently completed a 75,000 square foot addition to our University Park Plant. We anticipate the creation of 20 new jobs from this expansion. This $5M investment will facilitate our continued growth over the next 3-5 years.”

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