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Avatar Develops Kosher for Passover Release Agent
Avatar Corporation Develops “Kosher for Passover” Release Agent Based on Non-Soybean Derived Materials University Park, IL, September 13, 2002 – Avatar Corporation has developed a unique release agent for use in releasing food products intended to be certified as Kosher for Passover. Typical applications include processed cheese, breads, cooked lowfat meat products, and confectionary products. Typical food release agents are sprayable, oil-based materials containing soy lecithin. These release agents are commonly coated onto molds or between pieces of final product. Most manufacturers of these release agents are certified Kosher by recognized Rabbinical organizations. Using such release agents in combination with Kosher certified ingredients and proper Rabbinical supervision allows for a food product that can be certified Kosher. However, a problem arises with conventional Kosher release agents during the Passover season in that soy lecithin, being derived from legumes, is not allowed. To address the need for a Kosher for Passover certified release agent, Avatar Corporation has developed ProKote™ KPC20 and KPO20. ProKote KPC20 is based on cottonseed oil derived materials and ProKote KPO20 is based on olive oil derived materials. Both release agents are certified Kosher for Passover by the Organized Kashrus Laboratories. ProKote KPC20 and KPO20 also address a market need for non-soy based release agents. By using ProKote KPC20 or KPO20 as a release agent, manufacturers can avoid potential labeling requirements associated with soy ingredient containing release agents. The presence of soy ingredients is a concern to people who have allergies to soy products and are being watchful of products containing even traces of soy allergens. The application of release agents is typically by pressure or electrostatic driven spray. Electrostatic spraying with non-charged triglyceride oils can be especially difficult due to factors such as nozzle clogging and inability to generate sufficient propulsion. Through its formulation of a combination of charged and uncharged components, ProKote KPC20 and KPO20 have been optimized for either spray technique. PDF Printable Version

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