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ProKote™-Series Medium-Chain Esters are derived from edible coconut and palm kernel oils. These fatty acids are hydrolyzed and fractionally distilled to produce high-purity chain lengths which are then blended to the desired medium-chain composition. The fatty acid blends are reacted with either glycerin or propylene glycol to provide multifunctional oils.

In the food industry these products are widely utilized as solvents and carriers for flavors; they also may be formulated into nutritional foods and beverages as an energy source.
In pharmaceutical and personal care applications these products function as carriers and solubilizers for oil-soluble ingredients. They also provide emolliency, moisturizing and viscosity reducing properties with a nongreasy, nontacky afterfeel in ointments, creams, lotions, bath preparations, skin and hair conditioners, sunscreens and antiperspirants.
ProKote 2855 can be substituted for isopropyl myristate in antiperspirant and deodorant formula and added to mineral oil-based tanning preparations to reduce greasy afterfeel.

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ProKote® 2855

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