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Organic-Certified Products >> More info?

In response to demands for Organic-Certified food ingredients and processing aids, Avatar Corporation offers ProKote® Release Agents, TroKote™ Release Agents and vegetable oils which meet the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) guidelines. These guidelines provide rigorous requirements for production, processing, packaging and labeling of products to the food industry. Products are certified Organic by Quality Assurance International [QAI].

These products are marketed with the “Organic” label [minimum 95% Organic-Certified content].

Organic-Certified custom blends and packaging to private label customers also are provided.

Products >>

ProKote® 100-AO Release Agent
Canola Oil, RBD
Coconut Oil, RBD
Soybean Oil, RBD
Sunflower Oil, High-Oleic, RBD
ProKote® 3060-O
ProKote® 2155-O Release Agent
TroKote™ 4551-AO
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin
TroKote™ 4550-O
Palm Olein
PanKote™ 1021-AO Bread Pan Oil
ProKote® 1005-O Release Agent
ProKote® 1010-O Release Agent
ProKote® 1020-O Release Agent
ProKote® 5205-O Release Agent
ProKote® LSC 6040-O Lecithin

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