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Home > Allergen/Soy Lecithin-Free Release Agents
Allergen/Soy Lecithin-Free Release Agents >> More info?

Eliminating allergens from food products and processing aids has become critical for processors, since the widespread effects of these allergens has led to the passage of the U.S. Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA). This act mandates labeling of 8 major food allergens: milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soybeans and food ingredients containing protein derived from these.

Soy lecithin, which contains trace amounts of soy proteins and is commonly used as a release agent in baked goods, confectionery products and cheeses, must be declared as an allergen.

Avatar Corporation Allergen-/Soy Lecithin-Free Release Agents comply with FALCPA criteria and are effective across the same range of temperatures and baking processes as soy lecithin-based products. They also provide superior heat stability which eliminates equipment and baked product discoloration.

Products >>

ProKote® 1003-A Bread Pan Oil
ProKote® 100-AO Release Agent
ProKote® 1650-A Bread Pan Oil
ProKote® 1001-A Bread Pan Oil
ProKote® 1112-A Bread Pan Oil
ProKote® 2080-AN Divider Oil
TroKote™ 4000-AT Trough Grease
ProKote® 5218-A Release Agent
PanKote™ 1021-AO Bread Pan Oil
ProKote® 1004-A Release Agent
ProKote® 1116-A Bread Pan Oil
ProKote® 5018-AN Release Agent
ProKote® 5502-AT Release Agent
TroKote™ 4010-AT Trough Grease
TroKote™ 4190-AT Trough Grease
TroKote™ 4521-A Trough Grease

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